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Postnatal packages with Medicare rebates are available if you are less than 6 weeks post birth - click here for more information
Video consults are also available

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is the expert in breastfeeding

Poor attachment, tongue ties, low supply, over supply, mastitis, bad advice....any issue that may disrupt the breastfeeding relationship you want to have.

I want to help you make an individual and positive plan to make sure you and your baby are happy and healthy

Before birth

Help your breastfeeding journey get off to a good start with a Newborn and Breastfeeding Preparation Class - a 2hr class for the parents-to-be, to discuss all things baby and breastfeeding (click here for more information)

Or maybe your first journey didn't go as planned and you would like an individual plan to help get your next journey off to a good start

After birth

I have been there - desperately looking for answers with a baby that needs to be fed, but can't.  It's heart breaking. 

Or maybe you would just like some clarification or reassurance.  

Whatever the reason - I would love to help you have a positive breastfeeding journey

The majority of parents or parents-to-be know the importance of breastfeeding and that it should be baby's only source of nutrition for the first 6 months, but it can sometimes be a very difficult or trying experience.  Generations ago women and girls would sit around  and watch each other breastfeed the next generation, and provide support and information.  But we have lost that support and knowledge

Now we get our information from the media, well meaning friends and relatives, and social media.  But sometimes their information is out of date or based on their own experience, which doesn't necessarily have to be your experience.  Sometimes even the advice of health professionals can be just plain wrong

  • Poor attachment causing sore/damaged nipples

  • Low supply

  • Exclusively expressing or expressing to increase supply

  • Mastitis* or thrush (*please see your GP asap if you have a fever and/or feel 'achy')

  • When to start solids

  • Information on allergies or intolerances

  • You want to know if something is 'normal'

  • Information on returning to work

  • You are pregnant and want more information, or you had a previous bad experience and want advice on what you can do next time

  • Information on weaning at any age and for any reason

  • Any other information/issue related to breastfeeding, regardless of the age of the child

Reasons to seek help:

Fees per consultation

Initial consultation up to 1.5hrs

Includes 2 weeks of follow-up emails/texts

(phone calls can be arranged if needed)

In home - $150

Clinic (from January 2020) - $120

Follow-up visit

Includes another 2 weeks of follow-up emails/texts

In home - $100

Clinic - $80

Village Breastfeeding Clinic​


An open clinic for questions, support, and community, in afflication with Jenna from Perth Family Centre (CLEC, Doula and LLL Leader)

Every Wednesday afternoon from the 8th January 2020


$20 per family (partners and toddlers welcome) - bookings appreciated but not compulsory

Check the Facebook page for more information

Medicare and private health fund rebates might be available.  Please contact me for more information


The Breastfeeding and Newborn Preparation Class is now available online as a series of videos - with 3 months unlimited access!

Why I became an IBCLC

As a midwife and nurse working in neonatal ICU I thought I knew everything I needed to about breastfeeding before I had my daughter.  Then she came along with a tongue and lip tie, and I developed low supply, and realised I actually knew very little! 


I couldn't afford to see a private lactation consultant, so I went through the public system and ended up seeing a total of 5 different lactation consultants.  I was given different information by each of them.  The conflicting information, coupled with incorrect advice from other health professionals, saw me exclusively expressing for 10 months for a baby who developed a breast aversion.  To read my full story go to 'My Story'

For the exam applicants with my qualifications are required to have have 90hrs of lactation specific education and 1000hrs of practical experience.  Note - there is no formal registration process for lactation consultants, anyone can call themselves one.  The IBLCE is the highest recognisable certification available and only those who have passed can call themselves an 'IBCLC' (whereas anyone can call themselves a 'lactation consultant')

Qualifications & Experience

I am a nurse who has worked in Neonatal ICU since March 2007 and I graduated as a midwife in December 2012 (having worked for the year as a student midwife).  I struggled with breastfeeding with my daughter in 2014, going through low supply, ties, and excluisvely expressing - you can read my story here


In early October 2017 I sat the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner's Exam and passed - meaning I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  In May I became an Endorsed Midwife which means I can pass on Medicare rebates for those less than 6 weeks post birth.

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