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New from the USA!

Designed for exclusively expressing mothers to feed fresh milk to their baby while expressing.

According to Lacteck® exclusively expressing mothers spend a total of 360hrs expressing, feeding, and washing parts in the first 6 months - this bottle allows you to pump and feed, thus giving you back up to half that time

* BPA free
* Slow flow teat
* Dishwasher safe

Includes 1x sealing cap to allow for easy storage

Compatible with narrow neck flanges - eg. Medela® and Maymom®. Choose 'Yes' if using Spectra® flanges - a converter will automatically be added to your order (+ $3.95)

Note - as an IBCLC I am not promoting bottle feeding for breastfed babies. This device is specificiallly designed for those who are not directly feeding. You should always supervise your baby while feeding - do not leave them unattended to feed themselves with this bottle

Lacteck® Pump2Baby Bottle

For Spectra® flanges?
  • 1x 150ml bottle

    1x bottle cap

    1x silicone sealing ring

    2x ~50cm tubing

    1x silicone teat

    1x teat locking ring

    1x teat cap

  • Instructions can be found here - https://www.lacteck.com/pump2baby-bottle (about half way down.  There is also a FAQ section)


    Cleaning instructions are included - a 10-20ml syringe might be useful to clean the tubing

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