What the F@#% is HypnoBirthing?

This article was written by Michelle Clift of Simply Natural Childbirth, who is a HypnoBirthing International practitioner in East Doncaster, Victoria.  To find out about HypnoBirthing classes in Perth please go to www.cherishedparenting.com.au/hypnobirthing, or to find classes elsewhere in Australia visit www.au.hypnobirthing.com


So the mother of your unborn child has told you she wants to learn HypnoBirthing. You reply with Hypno What?


I get it. It sounds strange and if you’re like most people, your only experience of hypnosis is people embarrassing the shit out of themselves up on stage clucking like a chicken or being told they are eating apples when they are really eating onions.


Hypnosis for having a baby is TOTALLY different and actually really amazing.

But I understand you have questions. You’re human!


First up, what do you have to do?