Is HypnoBirthing worth your money?

For most people, falling pregnant is a very exciting time. You wonder about this new little baby, will it be a boy or a girl, what will you name them? Maybe in the early days, it’s just a matter of surviving the morning sickness and tiredness.


 Pregnancy is an exciting time - but many parents are full of fear about labour and birth.  A HypnoBirthing class can aliviate this fear so you can give birth with confidence and joy


As the months pass by, you begin to think about what this new little person will need. A cot, a pram, a car seat, clothes. You start to think about the cost of these items. It’s all starting to add up! And then you think about going to one wage for a while and it all starts to hit home. Having kids is expensive! 


Somewhere along the way you hear about this childbirth education course, called HypnoBirthing. Maybe your midwife or OBGYN mentions it to you, or a friend. You read that it can help reduce inductions, interventions and c-sections. You read that pain can be reduced and labour can be shorter.


But……it costs around $600! You have a think about it and decide that you just can’t make the budget stretch that far. Surely if it were that important, all hospitals would be teaching it! (BTW, we have 8 major Australian hospitals running the program!)


What almost all first time parents don't realise is, the cost of having a traumatic birth is even higher.


And statistics around birth trauma are pretty grim. One in 3 of women are left traumatised by their birth. In Australia 1 out of 4 new mums and 1 out of 7 new dads will develop postnatal depression (PND), and almost 1 in 10 mums will develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The number one cause of perinatal mortality is suicide, which is devastating.


 Postnatal depression rates are high in Australia


When birth trauma occurs, often it is long lasting and hard to heal from. Individual counselling, couples counselling, sometimes medication - it all costs time and money at a time when those things are stretched thin.


Now is the time to sit with these questions.

Am I worth $600? Is my baby wo