Why I won't be watching One Born Every Minute

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When this show first started airing in the UK I was working in London in as a NICU nurse. I loved watching it, I thought "great real life stories on babies being born" and it is what spurred my enthusiasm to become a midwife one day. However, over the last few years I have realise that although this is 'reality TV' it is not reality, or at least birth doesn't need to be like this.


Following on from yesterday's conversation that society has been conditioned to believe that we need to sleep train our babies - I believe we've also been conditioned to believe that birth is so dangerous that it ALWAYS needs to be done in the hospital and that intervention is somewhat expected.  But that is not actually true.  We would not have survived as a species if it was


Now I know I might be slammed for saying this, that there may be some of you who say "if we weren't in hospital my baby and I could have died" - I'm not judging you, that's your story, I wasn't there so I'm not saying you're wrong. And I know that a birth full of intervention can be a positive experience.


But if you're expecting a baby it maybe doesn't need to be your story


 When we change the way we give birth, the way we birth changes - Marie Mongan (found of the HypnoBirthing course)



Please keep in mind that shows like One Born Every Minute, and movies or TV shows that show birthing scenes, need to make it as dramatic as possible. In the case of reality-tv they edit hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours of footage to get just one hour of a TV show.....


What I would really love to see is a reality TV show that follows home birthers or those birthing in birth centres or one that focuses on birth as normal bodily function that sometimes needs help.


I acknowledge that some intervention is sometimes needed, but as I said in my post about a week ago do we really need a 35% cesarean rate and almost 50% induction rate in 21st century Australia....?


You can read the comments on the post here - you can see that the theme is being educated/informed increases the chances of having a positive experience


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