Village Birth & Breastfeeding Circle & Clinic

"It takes village...."

Birth, breastfeeding, parenting - they may be 'natural', but they do not come naturally for many


Because we no long live in villages, watching the generation before us do it, so when it comes to our turn we are not quite sure what to do

And this is why we have created the Village Birth and Breastfeeding Circle - a team of mothers, health professionals, and doulas who want to help new parents through pregnancy and into their new roles

We have all been before - confused, feeling alone.  But you don't need to be - join us

Monthly Meeting

(Facebook Page name is Perth Pregnancy and Parenting Circle)

A free monthly meeting on important pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting topics.  Meetings are based on the premise of the Positive Birth Movement.  These meetings are non-judgemental and give viewpoints from as many sides as possible

Meetings will be held every 3rd Sunday of the month, 9.30am - 11.30am. 

2020 Topics

January - Birth choices
February - Making a Birth Plan
March - What is giving birth actually like?
April - Birth as a rite of passage
May - Maternal positioning for optimal birth
June - Dads and Birth Partners
July - The 4th Trimester
August - Baby led weaning
September - TBC
October - Human rights in childbirth
November - Oxytocin
December - Induction and

Breastfeeding Clinic

Every Wednesday afternoon, 1pm - 4pm.  

The option to join via video call is now available - please see the Facebook event for the link

Come when you want, stay as long as you want.  Get support and help with breastfeeding, be it questions regarding frequency of feeding, introducing solids, returning to work, etc.

Also talk with other parents who may have similar questions to you

Bookings are not essential, but selecting 'Interested' on the Facebook event would be appreciated (if you do not have Facebook, no worries, just come along!)


The monthly meeting and weekly clinic are held at 74 Nollamara Ave, Nollamara

The monthly meeting is free

The clinic is $20/family (keep in mind that you get up to 3 hours with an IBCLC and CLEC)

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