One of the biggest challenges faced by mothers who do a lot of expressing is the inability to do anything else whilst expressing

Enter the Freemie® Collection Cups - a completely handsfree and concealable breastmilk collection system

Freemie® Collection Cups

The collection cups fit inside and are held in place with your bra, and then attach to your compatible pump

This allows your hands to be free to continue doing just about whatever you want

Hold your baby, play with your toddler, cook dinner, continue working.  Even be out at the beach or a park.  If you have a portable pump the possibilities are endless

The kit come with 2 of everything to allow double expressing - 25mm and 28mm funnels (the part that goes over your nipple, 21mm inserts available separately), collection cups, plus everything you need to attach your compatible pump


The cups can hold 230mls each.

These make a great alternative to traditional hands-free expressing bras - they are completely concealable, with no unsightly 'horns' sticking out.  Click here to read a blog article written about these kits and here to see a YouTube video showcasing them.  And scroll to the bottom of this page to read real customer reviews

Express anytime, anywhere!

*you should not drive while distracted

*Compatible pumps

Spectra® - S1, S2, 9 Plus, & M1 (click here to find out about buying a Spectra® breast pump in Perth)
Medela® - Symphony, Lactina, & PISA

Phillips Avent® - Twin Electric, & Comfort
Ameda® - Platinum, Purely Yours, & Elite
Unimom® - Forte

ARDO Calypso

Evenflo Advanced

"My parcel arrived today while I was out of town..on getting home I expressed (after way too long) and fed our daughter at the same time!  Thank you again!...I immediately feel more confident to be able to express for longer" Freemie Deluxe Kit customer via Cherished Parenting Services (bought 06/02/17, received 08/02/17)

"...pumping handsfree has definitely made things alot easier.  Also love how the cups are designed to easily pour out the milk with no mess..." Customer review from (26/01/17)

"Trying to express discretely and being able to have my hands free seemed impossible until I saw the Freemie system. ...This time around expressing didn't have to mean wasted time.  Instead I could email, text, phone, help the pre-schooler, entertain the baby and so much more..." Customer review from (22/08/16)

"The Freemie collection cups are AMAZING.  First, they are incredibly easy to use.  No setup necessary; just slip them into what bra you're wearing and that's it!  I also found that I was able to collect MORE  milk than usual" Customer review from

Dear Freemie, As I am writing this I am breast pumping (at my desk!!!)... I pump, eat lunch, and grade papers all at the same time.  You have given me 30 minutes of life back everyday.  THANK YOU!" Customer review from


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