Pregnancy, postnatal, and breastfeeding Services

Antenatal and Postnatal Midwifery Care

I am an Endorsed Midwife and can offer pregnancy and postnatal care in the comfort of your home
Individual attention, Medicare rebates, and no waiting in a hospital waiting room

Need help with breastfeeding?

I am nurse, midwife, and lactation consultant (IBCLC*) with almost 15 years Neonatal ICU and 5 years of working in private practice

I know firsthand how hard breastfeeding can be and I would love to help you if you are experiencing issues or even just need some reassurance 

*IBCLC stands for 'International Board Certified Lactation Consultant' - anyone can call themselves a lactation consultant, but only those who have met the requirements for the certification, which includes 90hrs of breastfeeding specific education and passing 3hr exam with 75%, can use the initials IBCLC