Midwifery Care for Pregnancy & Beyond

Bulk billed clinic appointments are now available in Nollamara - contact me for more information and to make an appointnment

The World Health Organisation has described midwifery care as the 'Gold Standard' for maternity services. 


According to the International Confederaion of Midwives a midwife:


"is a [healthcare] professional who works in partnership with women to give necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labour and postpartum period...This care includes preventative measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child, the accessing of medical care or other appropriate assistance and the carrying out of emergency measures."


I am very excited to now be able to offer antenatal and postnatal care.  As an Endorsed Midwife I am able to offer Medicare rebates and the ability to order tests and prescribe medications that might be needed.  I can provide care from the moment the pregnancy is confirmed up to 6 weeks post birth.  At this stage I am not providing labour and birth care.

My philosophy

  • It is a privilige to be a midwife and help care for women during their pregnancy and beyond

  • Pregnancy and postnatal care should be woman centred*

  • Pregnancy is a healthy part of life and should be looked at from a wellness perspective

  • Women have the right to respect for bodily autonomy and informed decision making

*Click here to read an article I have written explaining what woman centred care means to me

I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (the only formally recognised qualification for a lactation consultant) so I can assist with all things breastfeeding, as well as supporting you in your transition into parenthood

Antenatal Care

Benefits of antenatal care with a private midwife:

  • Care is done in your home at a set time - no waiting for hours in a hospital waiting room.  Evening and weekend appointments also available

  • Longer appointment times - up to 1hr is allocated (I believe in quality over quantity)

  • See the same person each time - this encourages rapport and trust on both sides

  • Receive consistent information about pregnancy, birth, and parenting from a 'normal' perspective (rather than trying to find and manage a set of problems)

What will be done at the appointments:

  • We can talk about what is happening in your pregnancy and what you can expect in the coming months or weeks

  • There are tests that are usually done at each appointment - blood pressure, urinalysis (a quick test of the urine that can be done during the appointment), listening to the baby's heart beat, measuring your 'fundal height', etc

  • Discussion of any tests that are recommended (eg ultrasounds, blood tests, etc)

  • Birth education

Recommended schedule of appointments - 4-6 weekly up to 32-34 weeks, 36-37 weeks, then weekly until birth (1 or 2 appointments may need to be done with the hospital doctors/midwives)

Postnatal Care

Benefits of postnatal care with a private midwife:

  • More appointments than what is usually provided by the hospital - generally hospital based midwives will visit you once or twice in the first week post birth and then you will see your GP at 6 weeks, as a private midwife I can see you as often as is resonable up to 6 weeks post birth

  • Improve the chances of breastfeeding - I am an IBCLC, so I can help with any breastfeeding issues that may arise

  • Reduces the risk of postnatal depression - having someone who sees you regularly can recognise any concerns early or prevent them

What will be done at the appointments:

  • Routine postnatal observations for you and the baby

  • We can discuss anything breastfeeding or parenting related - infant sleep, self care, linking in with parenting groups, etc

Antenatal Fees

Bulk billed appoiintments are available at the clinic in Nollamara

In home appointments:

$150/appointment, or

$600 for 5 appointments*, or

$1100 for 10 appointments*

Unused appointments can be rolled over to postnatal care

You can also add HypnoBirthing classes for a reduced rate

*half is payable upfront, then a payment plan can be negotiated

Medicare rebates are available for in home appointments - how much depends on if your family threshold is met (~$40/appointment)

Postnatal Fees



$660 for 6 appointments*

*half is payable upfront, then a payment plan can be negotiated

Medicare rebate are available - how much will depend on if your family threshold has been met, but it is approx $60/appointment

Lactation consultatnt appointments after 6 weeks will be charged at different rates (unfortunately there are no Medicare rebates after this time) - click here if you are over 6 weeks post birth

Note - you can see me for for just antenatal or postnatal care

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