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Midwifery Care for Pregnancy & Beyond

As an Endorsed Midwife I am able to offer Medicare rebates and the ability to order tests and prescribe medications that might be needed.  


I can provide care from the moment the pregnancy is confirmed up to 6 weeks post birth.  At this stage I am not providing labour and birth care.

I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (the only formally recognised qualification for a lactation consultant) so I can assist with all things breastfeeding, as well as supporting you in your transition into parenthood.


Antenatal Care

What will be done at the appointments:

  • We can talk about what is happening in your pregnancy and what you can expect in the coming months or weeks

  • Tests usually done at each appointment include blood pressure, urinalysis (a quick test of the urine that can be done during the appointment), listening to the baby's heartbeat, measuring your 'fundal height', etc.

  • Discussion of any tests that are recommended (eg ultrasounds, blood tests, etc)

  • Birth and parenting education

Benefits of antenatal care with a private midwife:

  • Care is done in your home - no waiting for hours in a hospital waiting room.  Evening and weekend appointments might also be available.

  • Longer appointment times - up to 1hr is allocated (I believe in quality over quantity)

  • See the same person each time - this encourages rapport and trust on both sides.

  • Receive consistent information about pregnancy, birth, and parenting from a 'normal' perspective 

Kissng the Newborn

Postnatal Care

What will be done at the appointments:

  • Routine postnatal observations for you and the baby, including observations, weight, etc

  • We can discuss anything feeding or parenting related - including infant sleep, self-care, linking in with parenting groups, etc

Postnatal care can start from the day after discharge from hospital until 6 weeeks post birth

Benefits of postnatal care with a private midwife:

  • More appointments than what is usually provided by the hospital - generally hospital based midwives will visit you once or twice in the first week post birth and then you will see your Child Health Nurse around day 10 and GP at 6 weeks.  As a private midwife, I can see you as often as is reasonable, up to 6 weeks and 6 days post-birth.

  • Improve the chances of breastfeeding - I am an IBCLC, so I can help with breastfeeding from the start to quickly manage any issues.

  • Reduces the risk of postnatal depression - having someone who sees you regularly can recognise any concerns early and hopefully prevent them from escalating by referring to the appropriate help quickly

Appointment Fees

In home appointments:

$150 for the 1st appointment

$100 for subsequent appointments

Short appointments may be charged less

Discounts apply for overseas visitors or Health Care Card holders

Medicare rebates are available for both types of care - how much will depend on the type of appointment and if your family threshold has been met

Lactation consultant appointments after 6 weeks do not attract Medicare rebates - click here if you are over 6 weeks post birth

Note - you can see me for just antenatal or postnatal care

Qualifications and experience

From the moment I started my midwifery training I realised I wanted to truly be a midwife - 'with woman'

I love being a part of this new and exciting chapter in your life!

August 2005 - July 2006: 

Registered nurse and graduate program at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (Bachelor of Nursing 2004, Notre Dame University Australia)

March 2007 - present:

Registered Nurse (and midwife from 2013), Neonatal ICU, PMH

January 2008 - December 2010:

Staff nurse in the UK at various hospitals in Oxford and London, mostly NICU and PICU

December 2011:

4 week work experience placement in Ghana, midwifery and NICU

February - December 2012 

Post Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, ECU (required to work 3-4 shifts/week as a student midwife)

February 2013 

3 week work experience placement Sri Lanka (labour and delivery)

March 2013 - December 2018:

Various midwifery jobs in Western Australian hospitals

March 2016

Business started

July 2016

HypnoBirthing Educator training

December 2017:

Qualified as an IBCLC


July - October 2018

Prescribing for Midwives (Griffith University)

May 2019 
Endorsement approved

July 2020 - present

Master of Midwifery by Research, ECU - thesis title Mother's experiences of breastfeeding support in hospital after birth

April 2021 - January 2023

Midwife and IBCLC at Western Obstetrics

October 2021 - present

Elected to LCANZ Board of Directors

  • Director of Membership (end February 2022)

  • Director of Professional Advocacy and Support (start February 2022)

October 2022

Concurrent presentation at CAPEA Conference, Sunshine Coast - Using infant reflexes to help parents' confidence with breastfeeding.

March - December 2023

Clinical Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Perth Children's Hospital (only LC in the hospital)

October 2023

Plenary presentation at the LCANZ Conference, Melbourne - Mother's experiences of breastfeeding support in hospital


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