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  • What are your opening hours?
    You are welcome to message or call me at any time. Generally, I am available to talk between 9am and 7pm Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. Please keep in mind that I see clients during the day and a child, so I may not always be able to answer immediately. I will respond as soon as humanly possible. Sending a text is the easiest way to communicate with me. If you do not get a response within about 12hrs please either message again or send an email or Facebook message. If you place an order for pick up it will be processed the next business day. Once you have received a message saying it is ready you can pick up at any time. If the item is urgent please send me a text with the details - I will do my best to put it out asap
  • Why did you start this business?
    As a midwife I see many couples who are unprepared for labour and birth. I used HypnoBirthing to give birth to my daughter at home. I believe it is one of the most 'sensible' and evidence based programs available I struggled with breastfeeding and ended up exclusively express with the Spectra® S2. To read my full story to go 'My Story'
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I can take cash or card payments in person - VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. I'll need the actual card, not PayPass via your phone For classes you can pay online or do a bank transfer (contact me for the details). If you are renting a breast pump the initial amount must be paid in person, the ongoing amounts will come out of a nominated bank account or credit card. For items online you can use card or PayPal. AfterPay is also available for most items
  • How long are consultations?
    In most cases they are 1hr, however I will not charge you if we go a few minutes over. If you think you need longer than an hour please let me know
  • What if I have a question after the consultation?
    If you need clarification or further explaination on what we talked about you are welcome to text me. If a new issue presents it may be necessary to have another consultation - I offer packages for multiple appointments to help reduce costs
  • Where are the HypnoBirthing® classes held?
    Group classes are held in West Perth - the address will be sent to you once you have booked in Private classes are held at your home
  • Can I do the HypnoBirthing® course online?
    There are a number of different childbirth preparation classes, some of which are done online. HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method (what I teach) is not available online. We believe that couples get more out of face to face sessions - a bit like having a personal trainer
  • Does my partner need to attend the classes?
    Yes absolutely! He/she is in an integral part of the experience. In HypnoBirthing we call the support person/s the 'birth companion/s' - they help you with the techniques during labour and advocate for you. Your only job in labour is to BE in labour!
  • Will the Spectra® S1/S2 increase my supply?
    It is impossible to guarantee that any breast pump will increase your supply. Their motor and setting options will maximise your chances of increasing your supply. This is also why I offer a rent to buy option - in most cases you will know within a week or so if it going to work There are other things you may need to try at the same to time increase your supply - please see the articles in the 'Blog' section
  • Will a Spectra® breast pump work for me?
    There is no guarantee that any breast pump will work for you. This is why I offer a rental option - so you can 'try before you buy'. If you ask what is the best breast pump in any 'Mummy' or breastfeeding Facebook group, chances are the Spectra will have the most votes
  • I have Medela® flanges/bottles - will they work with a Spectra® breast pump?
    Adapters and converters are available to enable you to use your Medela® parts* with a Spectra® breast pump *Except for Freestyle/Swing Maxi flanges - if you have been using these you will need to buy compatible flanges
  • What is the difference between the S1 and S2?
    The only difference is that the S1 has a rechargeable battery (the S2 needs to plugged in to a power point), it is blue, and it is slightly heavier. The motor strength and settings are exactly the same
  • What is the difference between the S1/S2 and the 9 Plus?
    The S1/S2 are considered 'hospital grade' - meaning that they should be capable of initiating and maintaining your supply. They should be used if you are struggling with breastfeeding, you have to be separated from baby for a long period, or you want to exclusively express The 9 Plus is a portable handheld pump suitable for 'occasional' expressing like going back to work or being away from the baby for a short period. The may work if you have been breastfeeding well. In the majority of cases it will not work to increase your supply
  • If I buy a Spectra breast pump through you will I get the 2yr warranty
    Yes - I am an authorised stockist so the 2yr warranty is still valid.
  • Do I need to buy a breast pump before the baby is born?
    The short answer is no You should choose a breast pump based on the reason/s you need it - if you breastfeed well and have no issues you may never need to express, but if you do have issues then a manual or handheld pump may not be sufficient. If you need a breast pump urgently in most cases I am able to get one to you on the same day as you request it. If I cannot bring it to you you are welcome to pick it from me in the evening/early morning.
  • I have lost suction/my output has dropped
    A loss of suction is almost always caused by the valves. Most breast pump manufactuers recommend changing the valves every 6-8 weeks. Depending on what type and how vigorously you wash them it might be more often. If your output decreases or you feel the suction is less check your valves and consider replacing them (other things can cause a drop in output such as certain medication, return of menstration, pregnancy, etc). You can buy valves for most breast pumps here
  • Are the breast pump items compatible with Spectra® breast pumps?
    Yes, just about everything I sell for breast pumps are compatible with the Spectra® breast pumps. The only item that isn't compatible is the membrane valves - this is only for Medela®/Maymom® flanges (you should order the duckbill valves for Spectra® flanges). Click here to go to the Shop
  • Are they compatible with Medela® breast pumps?
    Flanges*, valves, Pumpin Pals, and Lacteck flanges are compatible with Medela® pumps *Except the Freestyle or Swing Maxi - you can buy the "Flange solution for Medela Freestyle" Click here to go to the Shop
  • There is a note on the product description saying an item is out of stock, yet there is a quanitity available - I am confused"
    The system does not allow me to mark items as being on 'back order'. Therefore if items are not physically available (but stock has been ordered) there will be a note about it being out of stock, but available to order. Note that in the vast majority of cases orders are sent out the next business day - you will receive an email saying it has been ship. If you have not received this email within 2 business days please check the product description - if there is a note saying the product is out of stock, then it is out of stock and your order will be sent out as soon as stock arrives.
  • Where is pick up?
    Pick up is near Morley - the address and pick up instructions will be messaged to you once the order is ready. Once you have received the message you can pick up the items at any time
  • How quickly are items posted?
    Orders are usually sent out the next business day (unless you order in the early hours of the morning, then you may be lucky to have sent the same day). You will receive an email saying it has been shipped - if you have not received this email within 2 business days of placing your order please check that you gave the correct email address. If you are sure you gave the correct email address please check the product description - if there is a note saying a product is out of stock, then it is out of stock and the order will be sent as soon as stock arrives.
  • How soon will I receive my items?
    *** Covid update - Australia Post have suspended their postage guarantee, but express post is still being given priority over standard shipping. When you item is sent you should receive an email with the tracking number (you may not if you have ordered Freemie Collection Cups or more than 5-7 items - you may email me to get your tracking item). Hopefully you can understand that this is an unusual time and I thank you for your patience and support *** Express postage via Australia Post is used. In most cases items are recevied within 2 business days of the items being sent. However, if you live in a very rural or remote area they may take slightly longer. Please understand that once the package is with Australia Post it is no longer my responsibility. However, please contact me if you have any questions/concerns and I will help you sort it out
  • What is your returns/refund policy?
    If you change your mind about what item/s you want you can return unopened packages for a refund of the item. Postage costs cannot be refunded. You will be responsible for paying for return postage (if you do 'return to sender' and I am charged, this amount will come off the refund). Items must be returned within 10 working days If you receive an item that is broken you need to contact me with 5 days of receiving the item. Please send me a photo of the broken item. You will either be sent a replacement or offered a refund Some items are not eligible for returns, for example nipple shields
  • Do you post internationally?
    Yes, I can post some product internationally (it depends on the brand). NZ postage is available on the online store (untracked - if you want tracked please contact me). The cost will depend on what you purchasing and where you are - please contact me for a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

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