Breast Pump Flange Sizing Guide

New option - Flange lending service, borrow up to 3 different sizes to test out before deciding on a size. Available Australia wide.  Click here for more information

Using the correct size breast pump flange (aka breastshield) can help increase supply and decrease discomfort.  Over time I have found that this is a good way to decide what size you need*.  Here is an article I wrote about why it is so important

Measure the diameter of your nipple a millimetre or so ABOVE the areola and BEFORE expressing.  This is your flange size, or pretty close to it - it may take some trial and error to get it just right.  Click here to buy online (flat rate express postage and AfterPay available).

If you are not using the nipple ruler on this page or a caliper please be very careful to read the measurement closely


Note that your nipple may get larger over time as it is drawn out from feeding/expressing, or it could decrease as any swelling subsides. 

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.  You may also send me a video of you using your current flange - please make sure it is from the beginning of the session, preferably so you can see the nipple at rest before you start the pump

nipple ruler1.PNG

NEW - Click on this picture to download a print at home nipple ruler (ignore that it says to add 2-4mm - I have revised that advice and will be changing the information soon)

*I have found the rule of measuring after expressing for 5mins (measuring after expressing) and adding 1-2mm can be inaccurate as the nipple will swell to meet the flange you are currently using which artificially increases the size (its like trying on a t-shirt over a jumper - you either wouldn't do it or know that you can go down a few sizes).  I have also recently come to realise that adding any mm may make the flange size too big still.


Maymom® sizing  guide

Medela® breastshield sizing tool -

These are the flange sizes sold by Cherished Parenting Services.  They are Spectra® compatible, and work with some Medela® breast pumps (see product description for more info), as well as being compatible with other brands/models with other products.  Other companies may sell different sizes.  Please contact me for more information

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