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Flange lending service

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Please read this information very carefully - failure to do so may result in you not getting a refund or being confused about what this service is about. This is a new service and so there may be some 'teething' issues - please be patient and understanding that I am trying the best I can to help as many people as possible.

This is a LENDING service - you will only get 1 of each size/connector as it is just for you to try out the different sizes. If you want flanges to keep long term you will need to order the actual product.

Step 1 - Use this guide to help you choose a flange size -

Step 2 - Pick 3 sizes to borrow based on the measurements. My recommendation is to get the size you have measured at, 1 size smaller, and 1 size bigger. Eg. you measure as a 17mm, so you get 15mm, 17mm, and 19mm.

Step 3 - Use the text area to write what brand/model pump you are using. The connector type sent will be based on this information, so please be as accurate as possible.

Only 1 of each size will be sent - if you pick 2x a size you will only get x1.

For Pumpin Pal flanges use this guide:

XS = <18mm

S = 19 - 23mm

M = 24 - 29mm

L = >30mm

(number relates to the flange size, not nipple diameter)

Important note - items will come unpackaged and may have been previously used. All used items are thoroughly cleaned using an at-home sterilising system - it is up to you if you use the milk you express using them and Cherished Parenting Services assumes no responsibility if you do. All items are BPA free

Step 4 - Once you have tested them out and made a decision, return them to PO Box 1168, West Leederville WA 6901. Please keep the box they came in to return them in - damaged items will not be refunded. Please include your name and/or order number on or in the box, so that I know who they came from to do the refund

Step 5 - When they have been returned you will get a $20 refund (as long as all items have been returned and are not damaged - Cherished Parenting Services reserves the right to do a pro-rata refund if items are missing or damaged). Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to be processed.

You can then order the flanges in the size you want/need

Flanges and connectors will be from the MyFit range. If/when you decide to buy your 'permanent' flanges there are a few different options - feel free to contact me if you need help deciding

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