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Got a question? Use the contact info or the chat box to speak to Justine 

*** I am only allowed to sell these pumps within Perth, and only with delivery or pick up - orders will an address outside of Perth will be cancelled and refunded ***


This is to RENT a Dual S (to buy go back to the product page and chose the option to buy).  Everything paid via renting comes off the price of a new pump.


Please follow these instructions

1. Fill in these forms and take a screenshot of the submission pages (note there are 2 forms):


2. Pay for the inital amount (add this item to your cart and complete the order) - $140 inital cost is $100 deposit plus $40 for 1 week, the EzyPay form is to set up the future direct debits for $40/week (or $80/fortnight or 172/month).


3. Send me a text message for further instructions - 0405427998


Product description:

Hospital-grade breast pump with 2 motors, so that vacuum levels can be adjusted individually on each side.


• Massage and expression mode - 5 speeds in each, 10 in total

• 15 vacuum levels in expression mode

• Backlit display with timer

• Super quiet motor with mute function

• Night light


Includes 2 collection kits (note - pumps are rentals but everyone gets new kits, I do not reuse them):

• 24mm flanges (other sizes available separately - click here for a sizing guide)

• Tubing

• Valves

• Back flow protectors

• Bottles with teats and caps


Delivery/pick up will be arranged once order is received.  Note that delivery is not guaranteed - if you need delivery please contact me before purchasing to check my availablity.  Delivery is within 30km of the CBD - if you are outside this area we can arrange a place to meet. Pick up near Morley is usually available every day, including weekends (but again, if you need the pump urgently it is best to contact me first to double check)

Rent Spectra Dual S Hospital Grade Breast Pump (Perth only)

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