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I started this business with the intention of helping the families of Perth and Australia achieve their birthing and breastfeeding goals.  My intention remains as steadfast as ever.   I will continue to provide these services for as long as I am able to.

Pregnancies and breastfeeding continue during this time, and it is maybe even more important than ever that you have a positive experience. 

Many hospitals are implementing limits on support people and unfortunately many health care providers may want to speed up the process - this is NOT how births are meant to go.  Interventions should only occur when there is a clear indication that they are needed.  Many are starting to realise that hospitals may not be the safest place to give birth these days.  Where and with whom you give birth should be given very careful consideration - you will only have once chance to birth this child.  RANZCOG have also made the recommendation that parents are sent home as quickly as possible - this may not be possible if you have had surgery or complications from unnecessary interventions.

Initiating and maintaining breastfeeding is also just as important - human breastmilk is the only food on earth specifically made for humans.  It contains so much more than just nutrients to help your baby grow - it also contains food for their microbiome (the bacteria that colonises a body, which in turn keeps us healthy), antibodies to any virus or bacteria the mother has ever come in contact with, and so much more.  Breastfeeding is the 'natural' way to feed your baby - but many struggle these days.  Why? Just as we learn to walk and talk from watching others, so we should be learning to breastfeeding - this does not happen these days.  I estimate that at least 60% of my client do not actually have any issues that would prevent them from breastfeeding - they just know don't know what they are doing and have had to guess or make it up as they go.

In order to keep your family safe and supported during this time I have made changes to how I deliver my services:

  • Antenatal and postnatal visits will be bulk billed within the following area - west of Tonkin Hwy, south of Reid Hwy and north of the river (areas slightly out side this will be considered).  Appointments at the clinic in Nollamara will also be bulk billed.

  • The option of video calls will be available for -

    • Breastfeeding Support (reduced rate)

    • Breastfeeding and Newborn Preparation Class,

    • HypnoBirthing classes, and

    • the Village Breastfeeding Clinic

  • Breast pump rental amounts have been reduced - $15/week for the 9 Plus, $20/week for hospital grade pumps.  The total amount will remain the same.

I am limiting who I am in contact with - I am staying away from shopping centres and those who are not in my immediate family, clients, or colleagues.  Rental breast pumps have always been wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant wipes and new kits given to each client.

Please help me to help others - if you have tested positive to Covid-19, have been overseas in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has, please inform me ASAP.  This will not exclude you from accessing services, we just may need to get creative with how it happens!

You will find information on each service via the menu at the top.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions -

0405 427 998 or

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