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Pump Information

Spectra® S1 and S2

  • Hospital grade electric pumps, capable of initiating, maintaining, and possibly increasing, supply

  • S1 has a rechargeable battery (it is also blue and slightly heavier - these are the only differences to the S2)

  • Double pump - save time

  • 2 phases - letdown and expression, to better mimic how a baby feeds

  • Adjustable suction settings in both modes

  • Adjustable speeds in Expression mode

  • Super quiet - express at night and not disturb your loved ones, or in public and be discreet

  • Night light and display with timer

  • Weighs ~1kg

S1 - $365 

S2 - $295

     - $30/week + $100 deposit

Spectra® 9 Plus

  • Portable electric pump with rechargeable battery, the size of your hand

  • Double or single pump

  • Letdown ('Massage') and Expression mode

  • Adjustable suction in both modes

  • Quiet - express at night and not disturb your loved ones, or in public and be discreet

  • Light and LED display with timer

  • Weighs ~240g


$25/week + $100 deposit

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