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What is hypnosis?

Have you ever been caught daydreaming at work or home? 

Have you ever been driving along a very familiar route but stopped and thought 'how exactly did I get here'? 

Have you ever been so caught up in a good book or TV show that the room around you doesn't seem to exist anymore?  

All of these are examples of times that you have been in hypnosis. 

The time just before you fall asleep and just as you wake up are also times you are in 'hypnosis'.  All hypnosis is 'self-hypnosis' - no can force you to go into hypnosis or do/say anything you don't want to while in hypnosis

Your mind has 3 'layer's' -

  • The unconscious mind: where bodily processes are done without you having to ever think about therm (your heart beating, your food being digested, etc)

  • The sub-conscious mind: where your beliefs about life and long-term memories are kept

  • The conscious mind: where everyday thoughts occur and where you spend most of your waking day

Your mind controls your body - without your mind your body would not DO anything.  Some things are done unconsciously, some sub-consciously, and others consciously.  Sometimes your sub-conscious will override your conscious thoughts, especially in times of 'stress' or when it thinks you are in danger.

A great example for this is labour and birth.  Giving birth is a primal bodily function - you cannot consciously 'think' yourself into (or out of) labour, it needs to happen naturally or sub-consciously.  But if your sub-conscious believes that labour and birth is something to be feared it will tell your body to release adrenaline - it is something to flea from or fight because it is scary.  Adrenaline counteracts oxytocin (the hormone needed to make your uterus contract) and therefore makes labour harder and longer, or, at worst, stops it from happening altogether.

Ideas or beliefs are not easily placed into the sub-conscious mind, especially if you already have a belief about something in there.   Using the above example, you might think consciously 'I'll be fine in labour, I'm not scared' or 'I am ready to give birth', but if your sub-conscious believes otherwise it will over-ride the conscious thoughts.

You can access your sub-conscious mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones through hypnosis - by relaxing so deeply that all other thoughts are pushed away, you can access those negative thoughts, 'tell' them to go away, and then replace them with positive ones.  Or if you have no idea what will happen during labour and birth, hypnosis can help you visualise what is happening and then when you do go into labour you can recall those images

This is the ultimate goal of HypnoBirthing® - to replace all negative thoughts about labour and birth with positive ones, to relax you body so deeply that it is allowed to do what it was naturally designed to do

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