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*** I am only allowed to sell these pumps within Perth - orders will an address outside of Perth will be cancelled and refunded.  The postage option is a glitch in a system, please do not select this ****


Hospital grade*, double pump. 


One of the most popular electric pumps in Australia (if not the world!)

* 2 modes

* 6 cycle speeds

* Variable vacuum strength in all cycles

* Display with timer

* Night light

* Ability to single or double pump

* Settings memory

* Portable - does not need to be plugged in

*This pump may be capable of initiating and maintaining supply in situations where the baby is not latch well or at all. Many mothers have used this pump to increase their supply and maintain it while exclusively expressing


Price includes

* Motor unit

* Power cord

* 2x 24mm flanges (13 - 36mm sold separately)

* 2x valves

* 2x back flow protectors

* 2x tubing

* 2x bottles with teats


2 year warranty


Payment options

* Buy outright *

Payment plan - $73.75/fortnight.

If you wish to discuss other arrangements please contact me first.

If you want to rent please contact me


Delivery will be arranged asap (please include a mobile number). Pick up in Morley is also available

Spectra S2 Plus with free delivery (Perth only)

  • This is a very common question:

    The only major difference between them is the S1 has a rechargeable battery (ie the S2 needs to be plugged in at all times).  Minor differences are the S2 is pink, the S1 is blue and the S1 is slightly heavier (by about 200g)

  • I offer a rent to buy option on the breast pumps listed here.  Everything you pay on renting comes off the price of a new one.


    Renting requires a $100 deposit + $30/week (for a hospital grade pump) or $25/week (for a 9 Plus).  If you return the pump without taking a new one $40 will be kept from the deposit to cover the kits, as they are not returnable.


    Note that if you wish to rent a hospital grade pump you will most likely get a S2 first - the S1 and S2 are the same in their settings and motor strength.  The only major difference is that that the S1 has a rechargeable battery


    Please contact me to arrange renting

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