Pumpin Pal flanges

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A variation on regular flanges - these are angeled to aid in comfort and potentially increase output.

Available in 4 sizes (number in brackets relates to your regular flange size) -

XS (15mm - 19mm)

S (19mm - 23mm)

M (24mm - 29mm)

L (30mm - 34mm)

XS and S sizes are made from soft silicone, the M and L are made from hard plastic.

They work by either pushing into your existing 24mm flange or by using a connector. Connectors available as an add on to your order for $19.95/pair - wide connectors are compatible with Spectra bottles and back flow protectors, narrow are compatible with Medela tubing and standard narrow neck bottles (for Medela Freestyle or Swing Maxi please contact Justine before ordering)

Price is per pair

BPA free

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