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Pumpin Pal flanges

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Brand: Pumpin Pal

*** XS out of stock - yes, it shows as in stock, this is so you can place an order to be sent out asap. ETA is 4th August ***

A variation on regular flanges - these are angled to aid in comfort and potentially increase output.

Price is per sized pair

Available in 3 sizes (number in brackets relates to your regular flange size - click here for a sizing guide) -

XS (15mm - 18mm)

S (19mm - 23mm)

M (24mm - 29mm)

L and XL sizes are made by Pumpin Pal, but I no longer sell these sizes as they are very large and I've never seen anyone need these sizes. If you are using anything bigger than 21mm and think you need something more comfortable it is probably because your flange is too big. Click here for a sizing guide or contact me for assistance

XS and S sizes are made from soft silicone, the M are made from hard plastic. XS and S sizes come with a 'collar' to help fit into the connectors

Requires connectors - if you already have a 2-piece flange system (eg Medela) you should not need connectors. If you are currently using a one-piece flange system (eg Spectra) you will need to add connectors to your order. Wide connectors are comparable to Spectra (eg the backflow protectors will fit on directly), narrow neck connectors fit narrow neck bottles (eg Medela), and need an adapter if you are using anything other than a Medela. Please feel free to email me if you have questions

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Why don't you sell these in packs of 3 sizes like they do in the USA?

If you want 3 sizes then technically adding 3 sizes to your cart will be the same price as they are from the USA (when allowing for exchange rates and postage costs). However, in my experience, you should not need to test out 3 sizes to know which size best suits you - if you have found a 'regular' flange size that suits your nipple size and is somewhat comfortable, you should know what size to get in the Pumpin Pal flanges. If you are using a flange 21mm or bigger then you should double-check your sizing here, or contact me for assistance

I've heard these are good for elastic nipples, are they?

In my experience (over 500 people sized in person and via video since August 2020), the vast majority of people who think they have elastic nipples are actually using the wrong size - usually way too big. I highly recommend double-checking your size here or contacting me for assistance.

I would also recommend double-checking your size if you are using a 21mm flange or bigger and want something more comfortable - most people need between 13 and 19mm and once they find the correct size it is more comfortable

I have found these to be good for those with very large, soft breasts, who despite using the correct size need more 'contact' with the flange.

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