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A positive birth story

"Hi Justine I just wanted to let you know [we] have a beautiful new baby boy....born [late] Oct at 8.28am. We had a fantastic birthing experience, completely natural, with no drugs or intervention. Thank you so much for teaching us about hypnobirthing, it really gave [us] the confidence to trust the natural birthing process and we had such a calm and quick process. To give you an idea how it went, I started feeling some contractions (every 8 min) about 4am. After timing them for about an hour, I tried to relax and sleep for another hour until around 6am. Contractions were still once every 7min. I rang the hospital at 6.30am and was told to call back when the contractions became more intense and frequent. About an hour later, the contractions did feel much more intense and to be honest I wasn't even able to focus on trying to time them. I rang the hospital wanting to come in but the midwife wasn't very convinced I needed to come in yet. (I found out later the midwife thought I sounded too calm to be that far advanced in labour.) I could just tell that I did. We got to KEMH at 8.10am, and was in the labour ward by 8.20am. The second midwife came in at 8.24am, my waters broke at 8.26am and baby was born at 8.28am. There was no time for us to pass on our birth plan, but I just kept concentrating on what my husband said (focus on breathing, breathe it down, surge breathing). [My husband] said it was the most natural, calm experience he could ever imagine. Similarly, I didn't find it painful at all, an intense and focussed feeling but it felt natural. I had a very slight graze but no damage or stitches and have had a really fast recovery. We also had delayed clamping and allowed the placenta to come naturally (59min later). Thanks for letting us know about this as a midwife was already ready with a syringe to give the synthetic oxytocin so it was good [he] was on the ball and stopped her from injecting me. We also had 2 hours skin on skin which was just wonderful. Thank you so much for imparting your knowledge and taking us through the hypnobirthing."

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HypnoBirthing classes Perth, positive birth story

journey. It really worked for us.


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