5 Myths About Exclusive Expressing

If you don’t know my story here is a brief summary – I am a nurse and midwife.  When I had my daughter 5.5yrs ago, I had been working in NICU for 7 years, and as a midwife for just under a year.  I thought I knew everything about breastfeeding and expressing that there was to know.  But she taught me that I didn’t.  And the journey I went on lead to me to exclusively express and then start up my business 2 years later.  You can read my story here.


The reason mothers choose to exclusively express can vary – their baby might be unable to take milk directly from the breast (ie they are premature, or unwell), their baby refuses to directly breastfeed, they don’t want their baby to feed directly but they still want to give their baby breast milk, and many others.